Dr.D.Dhanapal holds an MBA, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology from Ranchi University, as well as a postgraduate degree (MA) in Applied Psychology from PSG CAS. He has 25 years of expertise in administration, counselling, teaching, training, and consulting. He worked as a consultant psychologist for a number of prestigious Coimbatore hospitals. He holds a Benchmark Australia Six Sigma Green Belt certification. He was involved in the establishment growth and administration of several educational institutions. He worked as a professor at the Jansons SB, PSG CAS, Kirloskar Institute, and PSGIM.


He served as the CEO of KPR Educational Institutions as well as the Director of the Sona School of Management. He served as the Chief Mentor of the M. Kumarasamy Group of Institutions, Karur, and one of the directors of Kovai Public School. In the course of his professional career, he has trained more than 20,000 pupils, 2500 instructors, and 5000 executives. He provided HR consulting to several corporate entities. four PhDs were produced, and several papers in publications and research journals were published. member of several editorial boards and boards of studies for academic journals. He served on the Planning Commission of the Tamil Nadu government's Steering Committee for Education and Sports.