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At a LEAD powered school, your child receives international standard education through our deeply researched curriculum.

The biggest school network in India, which is powered by LEAD, thrives on innovation and transformative learning. Lead partner schools have state-of-the-art infrastructure and employ best practices, which together give kids a superior education and a memorable learning experience.

Lead Curriculum

Every student in our ELGA programme learns at their own pace based on their current level of comprehension. Practical experience and conceptual understanding provide students with a glimpse into the actual, competitive world. According to the traditional view, no kid ever thinks, talks, or moves in a straight line. However, while maintaining the current structure, our school promotes learning through 21st-century abilities like creativity, critical thinking, and logical reasoning.

By encouraging the spirit of Enquiry, their curiosity is sparked. Now they are able to make connections and value many viewpoints. The Student Led Conference (SLC) is an innovative presentation that is entirely run by students in all academic areas.


Academic Partners



Our school boasts highly skilled and dedicated teachers who inspire and guide students to reach their full potential.



A well-stocked library offers a wealth of knowledge, promoting a love for reading and lifelong learning in every student



Get access to high-quality education with our CBSE school's online classes. With our expert faculty and state-of-the-art technology, you can learn from home



Our school encourages creativity and independent learning through engaging home projects that bring out the best in every student.

Teachers are extensively trained and certified with experience in enabling students’ success.

Deeply researched and internationally benchmarked curriculum

Our curriculum, widely acclaimed, is deeply-researched and practical in approach

Never compromise on the quality of education your child receives. At a LEAD powered school, they only get the best learning experience and outcomes.

We also offer our trademark English curriculum (ELGA – English Language & General Awareness), as well as specific coding programs through our Coding & Computational Skills (CCS) program.

LEAD partnered schools are equipped with the best-in-class facilities that you are looking for in your child’s school.

With our dedicated LEAD Student App that has gamified modules, learning never stops for your child, be it at school or even at home.

Parents can know the progress in academic performance of children